Welcome to the Home of ScotLAN

ScotLAN is a ‘LAN party’ style games event held at the Juniper Green Scout Hall near Edinburgh. Events will take place over a 3 day weekend starting on a Friday at 6 and finishing on a Sunday evening so games can be played 24hrs a day, if you have enough energy drinks. Learn more about our next event on the Event page, and sign up to our next event today!

ScotLAN #4

15th March 2019 – 17th March 2019

BYOC £25 for the full weekend!

Early Bird only £20!

Signup Here

Our events are a ‘Bring Your Own Computer’ type, which means for the absolute bargain standard price of £25 per person for the full weekend (or £20 if you get in early enough!)

You can look forward to:

– Gigabit Network for low latency gaming
– FTTC high speed internet connectivity
– 32 Seats and room for spectators/board gamers
– Full kitchen/cooking facilities on site
– 55″ TV & PS4
– SSD Backed Steam Cache Server