About Us

What are we? 

ScotLAN events provide a relatively intimate LAN experience with small numbers, creating a really welcoming, friendly and fun atmosphere. The ScotLAN team do this out of pure passion, as they love putting on these events and seeing people enjoy themselves. If you’ve never been to a LAN before, why not take a chance and see how fun it can be! Our events are the perfect starting point for those new to the hobby due to their small and welcoming nature. Don’t worry, it will be a great social event as well.

There is also board games element as well, so you don’t even need to bring a computer if you would prefer to enjoy a weekend or day of tabletop gaming with like-minded gamers.

Rob is an experienced Cloud Architect with a passion for gaming. After being involved with multiple LAN’s in the UK he came up with the idea of ScotLAN, He looks after our website as well as our network infrastructure.


Carvid (David) cannot be bothered writing a profile about himself but hobbies include trolling Rob, gaming and trolling Rob, I encourage everyone to participate in all of these activities.

Smitttx (Laura) is a current Computing Science student. With a passion for Gaming and Socialising – She wanted to be involved in ScotLAN. She is responsible for the Social Media and Merchandise/Branding, she is also our qualified first aider should you require healing.
Andy (Andy_M29) is not a junior software developer, he has a keen passion for all things code and all things eggplant. He’s a bit of a console peasant but we are slowly converting him to the PC masterace! We really couldn’t thank him enough, he’s been key in starting ScotLAN.

Graeme (Skillin) is our resident troll and Discord moderator, he also helps us at events!

He’s usually found lurking in Discord most night and up for most games.

His favourite food is Terry’s Chocolate Orange