A LAN Party is an event where you take your computer to our venue, hook them up on a high speed network and play video games with and against each other for a weekend.

Feel free to play any game you like, hop over to our Facebook page or jump on Discord if you would like to suggest any tournaments or group games!

We bring a selection of board games but feel free to bring any board games with you, just keep calm when someone beats you at your own game!

Yes. For a small fee of £5, we allow certain extra appliances that other LAN’s do not. You can have one extra low current device at your desk, such as a second monitor, a laptop, a mini fridge, a desk fan, an xbox 360. This is also providing that you don’t intrude onto your neighbours desk. If you are unsure if your device is low current or not, ask.

Yes. For a fee of £5 to cover electricity and network connection we can provide space for your server at the event. Please contact the staff prior to the event before doing this however.

ScotLAN is run by a group volunteers who give up their time freely to plan, organise and run the event.

There are no age limits to the event however anyone under 16 will require a signed parental consent form prior to attending the event.

Please send a message to us on Facebook or e-mail info@scotlan.events for more information.

We have a wide range of facilities available for your convenience. We have all the following available.

Kitchen with access to a kettle and microwave, open 24/7 for your convenience.
Background music
Pizza Delivery on Saturday Nights Which is delivered to your desk.

Fridge space is available but limited only to those who need to keep medicine or other essential items chilled.

Yes. Steam works on our LAN just fine. Our Internet connection should mean that you always have access to your games collection. However, you must update all your games before coming to the LAN. The number one cause of lost game time at LAN’s is software that is not up to date. So do your part by updating your games before the event. You may not get a chance to do it at the event, as I shall now explain.

At ScotLAN we have an FTTC internet connection which is exclusively used by us.This means that we are able to have a fairly large download limit but this is monitored by the staff as we can quite easily and quickly go through the bandwidth that we have allocated.
Priority for download usage is given to games that require an online log in and also to any updates to games that may take place over the course of the event.
While attending a ScotLAN event the staff have the right to refuse internet connection to anyone who is caught misusing or abusing our connection.this may also result in the guilty party being asked to leave the event.

Please approach a member of staff and let us know as Supported games will be available for install from our local Steam content cache or available from a backup folder.

Certain high current electrical devices are not allowed in the main hall. Devices such as.

Fan Heaters
Hairdryers / Hair straighteners

You need to take your own food and drink for the entire event. Keep in mind that the only things available to cook with is the microwave and kettle, and there is no chilled storage available for food. So plan accordingly.There is also plenty space outside to have a BBQ if you want. ScotLAN do provide a ordering facility for one of the nights and a link is posted online closer to the event

Providing you’re of legal drinking age then you may bring your own alcohol however no alcohol is sold at the event.

We do our best to look after you and your possessions, but ultimately your belongings are your responsibility. Access to the event is closely monitored by staff and only through the one set of doors.

We hold public liability but insurance is not provided for your equipment, you are advised to make your own insurance arrangements. Some home contents providers will extend policies to cover you at such events. Public Liability insurance is provided, but this is for people not equipment.

Our Public Liability insurance can be found here.