Dates:  Fri 30th November 6pm – Sun 2th December 6pm (48 Hours)
Venue: Juniper Green Scout Hall, 45 Lanark Road W, Currie, EH14 5JX
Spaces: 32 seats BYOC
Tickets: £25.00 per seat | £20.00 Early Bird (Buy Here)
Internet: 50mbps down 20mbps up
LAN: Gigabit

Facebook Event: TBC

What even is a LAN Gaming Party?

Games & Events

We survey everyone who buys a ticket so you decide what gets played at the event.

We also have servers set up for:

And many many more!

Parking / Travel

  • 20~ free spaces on-site
  • Bus: Number 44 Bus from Edinburgh
  • Train: Currie Hill – 1.2 Miles



  • Floor space in main room/Corridor (Limited)

What to bring

  • Computer, power cable
  • Keyboard, mouse
  • Screen, power cable
  • Surge protected 4 way.
  • Headphones / headset
  • Airbed / roll mat – no doubles as space is limited!


  • You are responsible for securing your possessions!
  • Front door will be locked at 4am Saturday night, unlocked 9am Sunday morning